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I have to admit that I need to get my shit together quick! That is why I have started this journey after all. Now, it wouldn’t be fair to expect everyone to know the ins and outs of my current daily life. Nor, would it be fair to leave out some of the juicy details. From the very beginning this blog is going to have absolute transparency on most aspects of my life, not all but most. I’ll be sharing as much as I possibly can about my life. This way everyone can track my progress throughout the year, develop a stronger relationship to the story, and see that I am just like everyone else. I know that I need to make radical changes, and I need to start yesterday!

To begin everything we must analysis my current state. Lets take a review into the current status of Ethan Simonton.

January 1, 2016

Physical Health

Name: Ethan Simonton

Age: 23

Height: 5′ – 11″

Weight: 166 lbs (The Mcdonalds has really been catching up to me)

Body Fat %: 26%

Exercise: I haven’t exercised or worked out for a few months now. I have a gym right across the hall from my apartment but, I never go.

Food Diet: I haven’t been cooking at all for the last 6-8 months. Common restaurants I visit: Tokyo Joes, Noodles & Company, Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Five Guys, Starbucks, Red Robin, etc

Beverage Diet: I drink at least 1 cup of coffee with cream and sugar in it. Sometimes I will also have a grande white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. Otherwise I drink water and diet coke. Occasionally I will have a Monster or Red Bull energy drink.

Sleep Schedule: Monday thru Friday: I go to bed at 12-2am and wake up at about 9 or 10am. On Saturday and Sunday I go to bed between 2 and 5 am and wake up between 11am and 3pm.

Major Illnesses: None at the moment


Relationship Status: Single

Friends: Most of my friends live in other places. Unfortunately, the friends I would consider my closest friends have moved away. Usually, I can be found at concerts, movies, nightclubs, and dinner alone


Meditation: Never

Prayer: Not usually

Reading: If I am lucky I will ready one book a month


Income: $68,640 per year ($33 per hour)


Checking Account Balance: $1480.70

Savings account #1: $5.01

Savings account #2: $5.24

Savings account #3: $27.04

Total Cash: $1517.99


Auto Loan: $10,161.28

Credit Card: $4,364.32

Total Debt: $14,525.60


Index Fund: $21.74

Stocks: ~$950

Total Investments: $971.71


That is everything I can think of to share right now. You guys will learn much more about me as the year unfolds!






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