2 Comments on “Decluttering Success: Everything I own fits in my Car”

  1. Ashton

    While I have always been fairly minimalistic by American standards I have only gotten really, deeply serious about simplicity in the past two years. The last time I moved it took four carloads in my Nissan Versa hatchback. Now, with proper Tetrising, that could have been three carloads (maybe two!) but it would have been tough.

    1. Ethan Simonton


      First of all thank you for taking a moment to comment. That is great to hear that you are getting serious about simplifying! I know that by decluttering my life has improved tremendously. It is very empowering and freeing. One of the best feelings is driving from each city and knowing everything I own is with me. I have also found that by not having much stuff around the house it is easier to concentrate…is this something you have experienced as well?


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